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1) Our sample included 298 Chinese girls who were 7.3-11.1 years in 2011 (Mean = 8.
2) as unknown and the percentage of patients who were able to correctly identify modes
3) sisted of 354 voluntary male participants who were above age 17 and betting on sport
4) eding compared with controls and patients who were administered methylprednisolone.
5) patients as control; group 2, 25 patients who were administered oral TA as first dos
6) The study participants were 1087 patients who were admitted to stroke centers suffer
7) Five of these 15 samples were animals who were also positive in the serology.
8) Female inmates who were arrested at a younger age demonst
9) icant surge in the number of ROP students who were born in 1994 when the use of synt
10) meaningful words was found among children who were breastfed, and this increased wit
11) This was a prospective study of patients who were completely edentulous in either m
12) ory were used (4,546 soldiers in 50 units who were deployed during 2010).
13) n between 4 months and 2 and a half years who were descendants of Turkish or Pakista
14) We present the case of two sisters who were diagnosed with PCOS and have a fa
15) s with difficult-to-treat asthma patients who were diagnosed with VCD by 4D dynamic
16) A total of 50 subjects who were dissatisfied with their mandibula
17) ticipants included 54 healthy volunteers, who were distributed survey sheets on nasa
18) PLW admitted in the nutrition programme, who were either malnourished or at risk of
19) erial properties in long distance runners who were either physically active (HAY) or
20) experiences of 54 master's-level students who were enrolled in an accredited marriag
21) Children from the region of Athens who were examined and diagnosed with typic
22) For this purpose, 54 individuals who were exposed to OPs and 54 healthy unr
23) and AChE enzyme activities in individuals who were exposed to organophosphorus insec
24) al multi-city cohort study of adolescents who were followed from birth through age 1
25) ome of ≥3000 rupees (2.56 times), those who were getting free drugs (4.16 times),
26) 0.51-0.88 respectively) compared to those who were hormone receptor positive, but mo
27) esting was the fact that 38 % of patients who were identified as neither religious n
28) likely to start using PBSP were students who were in the contemplation stage, perce
29) trait effects indicated that individuals who were initially extraverted, agreeable,
30) with the greatest gains made by children who were initially low on these measures.
31) onconsecutive patients with NIPPV failure who were intubated via a flexible bronchos
32) ered to a great extent between the nurses who were involved during the entire interv
33) of assaulting their intimate partners and who were judged as being at moderate to hi
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(1)62 were (15)5 participated (29)2 Basic (43)2 read
(2)53 had (16)5 sexually (30)2 believed (44)2 require
(3)25 are (17)4 do (31)2 can (45)2 required
(4)25 have (18)4 is (32)2 commuted (46)2 scored
(5)25 underwent (19)4 responded (33)2 consumed (47)2 showed
(6)21 received (20)4 sought (34)2 deal (48)2 smoked
(7)14 presented (21)3 attended (35)2 died (49)2 struggle
(8)13 developed (22)3 has (36)2 experience (50)2 suffered
(9)11 reported (23)3 in (37)2 had, (51)2 sustained
(10)11 was (24)3 lived (38)2 live (52)2 took
(11)10 completed (25)3 may (39)2 lives (53)2 use
(12)10 experienced (26)3 met (40)2 measured (54)2 wanted
(13)8 did (27)3 work (41)2 participate
(14)5 inject (28)3 would (42)2 present

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--- WordNet output for who --- =>だれ, だれが, だれを, する(人), そしてその人は, 世界保健機構 Overview of noun who The noun who has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts) 1. World Health Organization, WHO -- (a United Nations agency to coordinate international health activities and to help governments improve health services) --- WordNet end ---