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1) While the ALE did not have these issues, i
2) While the API form purity was maintained d
3) While the adverse effects of raising a chi
4) While the angular rigidity would enhance t
5) While the average lifespan was 40.88 ± 
6) While the benefits of physical activity we
7) While the body of evidence to substantiate
8) While the etiology of IRF is unclear, rese
9) While the hippocampus supports both constr
10) While the homogeneity condition does not l
11) While the literature reflects the perspect
12) While the pathology of pHO is well-describ
13) While the probability of viable PRRS virus
14) While the prognosis of DM is poor when it
15) While the solid dispersion may precipitate
16) ease in the Zr peak for the Er:YAG laser, while the 810-nm diode laser showed no cha
17) ol, the GA levels significantly decreased while the ABA levels increased in all the
18) coding genes use ATG as their start codon while the COX1 starts with GTG.
19) lying impulsivity and excessive drinking, while the GABAergic system may be more sal
20) t changes, the GDI showed minimal change, while the MDP detected a difference equal
21) nd C2H · · · O2 H-bonds, respectively, while the TSA · C*↔ A* · C is joined b
22) ted rats compared with the control group, while the addition of PA in diet decreased
23) ntal conditions: a spontaneous condition, while the animals were not actively fixati
24) ional distress (β = 0.35, p < 0.001), while the asymptomatic did not show such d
25) n, characterization studies indicate that while the average diameter of the B12 was
26) mothers attended an open discussion group while the children attended their sessions
27) L strongly induces proliferation of ASCs, while the chondrogenic differentiation pot
28) assigned to receive transtympanic 4 % MH, while the contralateral ear served as cont
29) retinyl palmitate per kilogram of flour), while the control group received wheat flo
30) a were collected every 3 days for 15 days while the development of pressure ulcers a
31) y of these inhibitors have shown promise, while the effects of others are tempered b
32) transcription polymerase chain reaction, while the expression of LOX-1 protein was
33) in both ulcer number and ulcer severity; while the females though showed a trend to
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(1)79 the (16)3 it (31)2 environmental (46)2 promoting
(2)14 in (17)3 its (32)2 focusing (47)2 providing
(3)13 no (18)3 most (33)2 for (48)2 receiving
(4)11 a (19)3 others (34)2 further (49)2 serum
(5)6 this (20)3 that (35)2 harvesting (50)2 she
(6)4 at (21)3 there (36)2 increasing (51)2 significant
(7)4 maintaining (22)3 these (37)2 minimising (52)2 similar
(8)4 one (23)3 those (38)2 much (53)2 slightly
(9)4 performing (24)3 women (39)2 negative (54)2 some
(10)4 reducing (25)2 Asians (40)2 numerous (55)2 still
(11)4 retaining (26)2 accounting (41)2 on (56)2 subcutaneous
(12)4 simultaneously (27)2 also (42)2 other (57)2 their
(13)4 they (28)2 controlling (43)2 participants
(14)4 using (29)2 digging/gardening, (44)2 preserving
(15)3 20% (30)2 downregulation (45)2 previous

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--- WordNet output for while --- =>時間と労働, その間に, 時間, する間に, なのに, そのうえ, をのんびりと過す Overview of noun while The noun while has 1 sense (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (23) while, piece, spell, patch -- (a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition; "he was here for a little while"; "I need to rest for a piece"; "a spell of good weather"; "a patch of bad weather") --- WordNet end ---