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1) Tumor cells have an increased reliance on
2) cer drugs dosages to discriminate between tumor cells and normal cells for minimizin
3) Differences in energy metabolism between tumor cells and normal cells offer an attr
4) It seems that tumor cells are more sensitive to oxidized
5) that CUX1 is highly expressed not only in tumor cells but also in TAMs.
6) NAs were repressed in cultured Kras(G12D) tumor cells but reactivated when transplan
7) on can also provide a growth advantage to tumor cells by regulating cellular metabol
8) However, tumor cells can maintain a high glycolytic
9) that lacked p53 and αv in the epithelial tumor cells exhibited high Akt activity, l
10) ormal cells, disagreeing with report that tumor cells express exclusively PKM2.
11) situ, to reverse the "Warburg effect" of tumor cells has been demonstrated as an ef
12) x exhibited a higher cytotoxicity against tumor cells in vitro.
13) ntrast, one trait shared by virtually all tumor cells is altered (dysregulated) meta
14) NKG2D ligand expression renders tumor cells more susceptible to be killed
15) The tumor cells possessed uniformly round nucl
16) el, ectopic expression of SAA1 or SAA3 in tumor cells potently promoted widespread m
17) afin confers a proliferative advantage to tumor cells through the activation of the
18) g the MAPK and AKT pathways, which allows tumor cells to proliferate in the absence
19) might prevent mitotic slippage and allow tumor cells to reach the threshold for apo
20) IFs) play crucial role in the response of tumor cells to this distinct microenvironm
21) Cx43 may influence the response of tumor cells to treatments by facilitating
22) By immunocytochemistry, the tumor cells were positive for cytokeratins
23) Furthermore, circulating tumor cells were significantly reduced in
24) It is composed of tumor cells with myoepithelial differentia
25) Immunohistochemical stainings of the tumor cells with synaptophysin, GCDFP-15,
26) iinflammatory effects against established tumor cells.
27) activity are likely to selectively target tumor cells.
28) is ubiquitous and reduced in a variety of tumor cells.
29) GLUT-1 protein and mRNA expression of the tumor cells.
30) cell surface receptors/antigen present on tumor cells.
31) een proposed as a better strategy to kill tumor cells.
32) enic activity and metastatic potential of tumor cells.
33) ere is an increased expression of MTA1 in tumor cells.
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(1)36 cells (17)6 size (33)3 lysis (49)2 progression,
(2)23 suppressor (18)6 suppression (34)3 onset (50)2 recurred
(3)22 progression (19)6 tissue (35)3 targeting (51)2 recurrence
(4)20 necrosis (20)6 with (36)3 to (52)2 regression
(5)19 *null* (21)5 angiogenesis (37)3 types (53)2 response
(6)17 growth (22)5 initiating (38)2 1 (54)2 samples,
(7)15 cell (23)5 suppressive (39)2 activity (55)2 site
(8)14 was (24)5 volume (40)2 burden (56)2 size,
(9)12 and (25)4 model (41)2 classification (57)2 that
(10)11 development (26)4 sites (42)2 composed (58)2 the
(11)11 in (27)4 suppressors (43)2 expression (59)2 tissue,
(12)11 of (28)3 effects (44)2 heterogeneity (60)2 tissues
(13)7 microenvironment (29)3 excision (45)2 invasion (61)2 treatment
(14)6 formation (30)3 extension (46)2 is
(15)6 promotion (31)3 had (47)2 metastasis
(16)6 samples (32)3 local (48)2 mice

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--- WordNet output for tumor --- =>膨らみ, 出っ張り, 腫瘍 Overview of noun tumor The noun tumor has 1 sense (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (18) tumor, tumour, neoplasm -- (an abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose) --- WordNet end ---