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1) D) and Capgras syndrome was compared with those of 24-healthy elderly participants a
2) their 16S rDNA sequence similarities with those of 37 randomly selected bacterial st
3) ansfer RNAs with the synteny identical to those of B.
4) 34(+) and CD34(-) HSCs were comparable to those of BM-MSCs.
5) microscopic colitis to be comparable with those of Crohn's disease and ulcerative co
6) is 18,853 bp in length and identical to those of Dendronephthya species in its gen
7) nes (cytb, cox1 and cox3) was the same as those of Eimeria species from domestic chi
8) ime and a better tumor-to-skin ratio than those of Foslip®, another liposomal mTHPC
9) chrysogenum genome and those of Fusarium clade and specific synth
10) (0.87 and 0.61/d) were much higher than those of G.
11) rrangement and component are identical to those of Laminaria mitochondrial genomes,
12) .0 ng C/predator/d) were much higher than those of O.
13) rotremus metacercariae is compatible with those of P.
14) OIE recognition of DIVA tests other than those of PANAFTOSA in cattle is a shortcom
15) ated group were significantly higher than those of PBS-injected controls and not sig
16) ultrastructural parameters were closer to those of PV-positive somatic boutons.
17) epetitions were significantly higher than those of TN during the fourth set.
18) ae (about 200 μm) slightly smaller than those of Thai P.
19) Findings were compared to those of Western studies.
20) phological characters are much similar to those of Zebrias.
21) omplicated by GDM has outcomes similar to those of a conventional healthy diet.
22) Results were compared to those of a matched group of siblings of he
23) , and has a gene arrangement identical to those of all available odonates.
24) structure of the genome were identical to those of all female mitochondrial genomes
25) n each area/field, and compared them with those of area 8/FEF.
26) arity of their receptor fingerprints with those of areas of the ventral visual strea
27) ates of in-stent restenosis compared with those of bare-metal stents.
28) tica mitogenome is the smallest one among those of bivalvia, due to the existence of
29) r 4 months were significantly higher than those of control untreated HaCaT keratinoc
30) lume in the EIA and SFA were greater than those of controls, as were PI and ED in th
31) stically difference VCD patterns, whereas those of deprotonated NALC show similar pa
32) The gene order is identical to those of described Camarodonta species.
33) a where the sole presenting symptoms were those of diplopia and ptosis.
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(1)94 of (11)7 obtained (21)3 seen (31)2 on
(2)60 with (12)4 aged (22)3 whose (32)2 parameters
(3)46 who (13)4 at (23)2 abilities (33)2 prepared
(4)40 in (14)4 individuals (24)2 between (34)2 published
(5)14 without (15)4 related (25)2 carrying (35)2 regions
(6)12 that (16)4 reported (26)2 completing (36)2 responsible
(7)9 found (17)3 born (27)2 experienced (37)2 studies
(8)8 from (18)3 not (28)2 fed
(9)8 observed (19)3 older (29)2 infected
(10)7 living (20)3 receiving (30)2 involved

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