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1) However, three Opisthorchis species--O.
2) ts, wildebeest, stingrays, and some felid species.
3) NALCME and NALC to the deprotonated NALC species.
4) A sequencing, which representing 14 avian species.
5) arative data drawn from extant and fossil species.
6) , which uses CGA as in other lepidopteran species.
7) cture is important for management of this species.
8) splendens is a very important ornamental species.
9) uted to the reduction of As(V) to As(III) species.
10) e phylogenetic tree of extant platyrrhine species.
11) togenetic stages for this threatened palm species.
12) ify the isolate #57 TBBALM as Penicillium species.
13) ts to those obtained for other algal prey species.
14) l of the metals was found in pelagic fish species.
15) dvocated for DNA barcoding in many animal species.
16) technique for semen evaluation of a given species.
17) al tests for wildlife or other non-target species.
18) ed that goats were the less affected host species.
19) c acids, in proportions that vary between species.
20) oavailability tests, between these two As species.
21) and gene feature with published Gobiidae species.
22) operties of CMASs isolated from different species.
23) kit modified for use in multiple wildlife species.
24) rk Prionace Glauca, a pelagic and oceanic species.
25) analyzed the similarity with its related species.
26) ochondrial genome (mtDNA) of this warbler species.
27) ctively for Botrytis cinerea and Fusarium species.
28) and preserve the population of endangered species.
29) r and structure as those of other Rajidae species.
30) genome in the bottom dwelling Rhinogobio species.
31) s identical to most of other lepidopteran species.
32) are identical to those of other butterfly species.
33) are identical to those of other butterfly species.
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(1)93 *null* (11)7 but (21)3 can (31)2 for
(2)46 of (12)7 with (22)3 could (32)2 found
(3)34 in (13)6 identification (23)3 differences (33)2 generated
(4)31 and (14)5 determination (24)3 have (34)2 identification,
(5)19 (ROS) (15)5 that (25)3 level (35)2 including
(6)18 were (16)4 as (26)3 may (36)2 phytotoxicity
(7)12 is (17)4 or (27)2 (ROS), (37)2 rather
(8)10 are (18)4 to (28)2 (overall (38)2 such
(9)9 from (19)4 which (29)2 M
(10)9 was (20)3 AEJ-89 (30)2 along

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--- WordNet output for species --- =>人類, 種, 種類 Overview of noun species The noun species has 2 senses (first 2 from tagged texts) 1. (27) species -- ((biology) taxonomic group whose members can interbreed) 2. (5) species -- (a specific kind of something; "a species of molecule"; "a species of villainy") Overview of noun specie The noun specie has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts) 1. coinage, mintage, specie, metal money -- (coins collectively) --- WordNet end ---