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1) Significantly higher islet yields were obs
2) Healing rate was significantly higher (P < 0·05) in gro
3) ATSI infants was 20.2 ± 5.7%, which was significantly higher (almost double) compa
4) artemether-lumefantrine treated rats were significantly higher (p < 0.05) than th
5) Cultures using hWJSCs showed significantly higher GAGs accumulation and
6) roup irradiated with 1.0 J/cm² presented significantly higher MTT activity at 48 an
7) owever, was associated with statistically significantly higher RBC aggregation as co
8) both groups (exposed and controls) showed significantly higher UAl and lower A1AT co
9) Varenicline users had a significantly higher abstinence rate than
10) ing-dependent smokers was associated with significantly higher abstinence rates than
11) vittata had a significantly higher accumulation and tran
12) ge heart rate and perceived exertion were significantly higher after the TMST than t
13) physical health problem at follow-up were significantly higher among LGBs who experi
14) At BCHD-TB, LTBI treatment completion was significantly higher among refugees than o
15) colingual width of the alveolar ridge was significantly higher among sockets in grou
16) tween body image and body mass index with significantly higher body dissatisfaction
17) A significantly higher cell viability rate w
18) r patients with comorbid conditions had a significantly higher chance of death.
19) the Er:YAG laser pretreatment groups were significantly higher compared to control g
20) Nd:YAG laser groups, bond strengths were significantly higher compared to no-prepar
21) patterns after exposure to 4-NP that were significantly higher compared with control
22) the islets from the UW + DZ group had a significantly higher cure rate and improve
23) t in silica-containing hydrogels showed a significantly higher expression of the gen
24) likelihood of institutional delivery was significantly higher for first-order pregn
25) lets from the UW + DZ group displayed a significantly higher glucose-induced insul
26) esults revealed that urinary Al (UAl) was significantly higher in Al workers compare
27) The suicide number was significantly higher in March, April, May,
28) he concentration of conjugated dienes was significantly higher in both subgroups, wh
29) The results showed that MVPA levels were significantly higher in boys than girls on
30) 3 and ∊3/∊4 genotype frequencies were significantly higher in control and case g
31) rage number of procedures per patient was significantly higher in delayed contralate
32) However, the degree of infiltration was significantly higher in dogs with thromboc
33) ending on species (overall 5.31%) and was significantly higher in foxes [49.50% (50/
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(1)88 higher (13)8 improved (25)3 (P<0.05) (39)2 impaired
(2)43 lower (14)6 correlated (27)3 affect (40)2 increases
(3)39 increased (15)6 elevated (28)3 better (41)2 induced
(4)35 reduced (16)6 fewer (29)3 increase (42)2 larger
(5)32 associated (17)6 less (30)3 worse (43)2 predicted
(6)17 decreased (18)5 enhanced (31)2 (P (44)2 reduce
(7)13 in (19)5 inhibited (32)2 (p (45)2 shorter
(8)13 more (20)4 affected (34)2 altered (46)2 smaller
(9)10 greater (21)4 attenuated (35)2 by (47)2 suppressed
(10)10 related (22)4 between (36)2 compared (48)2 to
(11)9 *null* (23)4 from (37)2 decreased,
(12)9 different (24)4 the (38)2 differed

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--- WordNet output for significantly --- =>きわめて, 意味深く, 意味ありげに Overview of adv significantly The adv significantly has 3 senses (first 2 from tagged texts) 1. (6) significantly -- (in a statistically significant way; "the two groups differed significantly") 2. (3) significantly -- (in a significant manner; "our budget will be significantly affected by these new cuts") 3. importantly, significantly -- (in an important way or to an important degree; "more importantly, Weber held that the manifold meaning attached to the event by the social scientist could alter his definition of the concrete event itself") --- WordNet end ---