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1) Related to a human planar model, a unified
2) s of TR on the basis of three dimensions, related to (1) the construction of the 'tr
3) mRNA expression in the VTA that could be related to Ago2-induced translational repr
4) ciencies after restrictive procedures are related to B-vitamins whereas iron, folate
5) Birthweight was positively related to BAZ up until 2 years (P=0.01).
6) Discussions were analysed for themes related to CHWs' work challenges.
7) o delays in surgery due to adverse events related to DCF were reported.
8) Detection with proteins related to DNA damage and repair, cell cyc
9) he importance of analyzing risk behaviors related to HIV infection among the general
10) Seven important parameters related to HIV-1 in-host dynamics were est
11) uisition and application of new knowledge related to HS in order to promote its abso
12) ve care units treat facial skin breakdown related to NIV.
13) new-onset heart failure was significantly related to NLR at admission (P < .001).
14) The first case is related to Nahum's (Nahum and Smith 1970)
15) traditional attitudes and misconceptions related to Pap testing.
16) only married women should get tested are related to Pap testing.
17) average score of putative clinical signs related to Q fever was significantly more
18) Furthermore, we will focus on diseases related to UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 2-epime
19) mpact knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to UV exposure and UV protection.
20) tion of the scientific knowledge might be related to a biased selection of medical e
21) Increasing anxiety was related to a larger ERN, and increasing de
22) nce in the perception of roughness may be related to a perception/adaption process.
23) Higher EDA was related to a worse mood and more severe so
24) ncluding particulate matter (PM) has been related to adverse effect on immune system
25) The characteristics related to age distribution have changed i
26) with the adventurous and masculine traits related to aggression.
27) s is frequently observed in cancer and is related to aggressiveness, high-grade tumo
28) only the middle tertile was independently related to an increased risk of poor cogni
29) lth Organization quite recently, which is related to an inflammatory process, especi
30) cal situation where menstrual pain can be related to an underlying disease, disorder
31) ts both in feeding knowledge and practice related to anemia.
32) t that FMD occurrence in Tanzania is more related to animal movement and human activ
33) Collision fatalities were related to areas of high population densit
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(1)212 to (11)4 and (21)3 changes (31)2 characteristics
(2)11 quality (12)4 cognitions (22)3 death (32)2 genes,
(3)7 factors (13)4 deaths (23)3 disease (33)2 head
(4)6 complications (14)4 events (24)3 functional (34)2 hospital
(5)6 genes (15)4 issues (25)3 stress (35)2 increases
(6)5 health (16)4 macular (26)3 symptoms (36)2 parameters
(7)5 information (17)4 osteonecrosis (27)2 Anxiety (37)2 proteins
(8)5 injuries (18)4 with (28)2 Cognitions (38)2 psychosocial
(9)5 potentials (19)3 activity (29)2 barriers (39)2 species
(10)4 activities (20)3 cases (30)2 brain

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--- WordNet output for related --- =>1.関係のある, 関連した, 2.同族の, 親類関係にある Overview of verb relate The verb relate has 5 senses (first 5 from tagged texts) 1. (15) associate, tie in, relate, link, colligate, link up, connect -- (make a logical or causal connection; "I cannot connect these two pieces of evidence in my mind"; "colligate these facts"; "I cannot relate these events at all") 2. (9) refer, pertain, relate, concern, come to, bear on, touch, touch on, have-to doe with -- (be relevant to; "There were lots of questions referring to her talk"; "My remark pertained to your earlier comments") 3. (7) relate -- (give an account of; "The witness related the events") 4. (4) relate, interrelate -- (be in a relationship with; "How are these two observations related?") 5. (2) relate -- (have or establish a relationship to; "She relates well to her peers") Overview of adj related The adj related has 2 senses (first 2 from tagged texts) 1. (20) related, related to -- (being connected either logically or causally or by shared characteristics ; "painting and the related arts"; "school-related activities"; "related to micelle formation is the...ability of detergent actives to congregate at oil-water interfaces") 2. (4) related -- (connected by kinship, common origin, or marriage) --- WordNet end ---