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1) We also provide a Bayesian decision rule for the n
2) We provide a Bayesian hierarchical analysis o
3) The aim of the present work was to provide a German translation of the PROMIS
4) We provide a WinBUGS implementation of the cr
5) The complete mitogenome can provide a basic data for the further studi
6) molitorella can provide a basic data for the studies on po
7) To provide a basis for subsequent examination
8) This model will provide a basis for the construction of fu
9) These studies provide a basis for understanding the role
10) these technologies have not been able to provide a better alternative to the curren
11) spatial locations should be integrated to provide a better interpretation of the HBV
12) Further studies are recommended to provide a better seal for the MTA-retrofil
13) This study will provide a better understanding of Gobiidae
14) Determination of expressions of TTS may provide a better understanding of progress
15) tion), showing how pedagogic concepts can provide a bridge between the policy rhetor
16) This article will provide a brief review of anorectal anatom
17) We provide a case of whether neurofibromatosi
18) cheimpflug photography-based systems that provide a characterization of the cornea,
19) nt an interesting and simple approach, to provide a charged surface net able to impr
20) Expanded costochondral cells provide a clinically relevant cell source
21) of embryo vasculature, but still lack to provide a complete three-dimensional repre
22) erefore, further studies are necessary to provide a complete understanding and stand
23) in the earliest stages of initiation and provide a comprehensive catalog of genes t
24) ures, derived from a brain-wide graph, to provide a comprehensive overview of age-re
25) In this article, we categorize and provide a comprehensive review of the exis
26) In this article, the authors attempt to provide a comprehensive review of the lite
27) We then provide a conceptual discussion on the pro
28) In this review, we provide a critical overview of the differe
29) ell-established that social relationships provide a crucial safety net, little is kn
30) In order to provide a current and comprehensive overvi
31) The purpose of the study was to provide a description of normal cross-sect
32) The results presented here provide a description of the catalogue of
33) tions: Intersubjective approaches fail to provide a developmental perspective and th
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(1)109 a (12)6 insight (23)3 care (34)2 effective
(2)39 an (13)6 recommendations (24)3 direct (35)2 first
(3)32 the (14)5 reliable (25)3 guidance (36)2 for
(4)25 evidence (15)5 them (26)3 novel (37)2 good
(5)14 useful (16)4 information (27)3 preliminary (38)2 greater
(6)13 new (17)4 insights (28)2 accurate (39)2 methodological
(7)8 more (18)4 such (29)2 additional (40)2 one
(8)7 rather (19)4 us (30)2 analytical (41)2 some
(9)7 support (20)4 valuable (31)2 answers (42)2 sufficient
(10)6 further (21)3 adequate (32)2 basic (43)2 to
(11)6 important (22)3 better (33)2 clinically

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--- WordNet output for provide --- =>供給する, 与える, 規定する, 条件とする, 準備する, 用意する, 扶養する, 援助する Overview of verb provide The verb provide has 7 senses (first 4 from tagged texts) 1. (270) supply, provide, render, furnish -- (give something useful or necessary to; "We provided the room with an electrical heater") 2. (25) provide, supply, ply, cater -- (give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance; "The hostess provided lunch for all the guests") 3. (14) provide -- (determine (what is to happen in certain contingencies), especially by including a proviso condition or stipulation; "The will provides that each child should receive half of the money"; "The Constitution provides for the right to free speech") 4. (2) put up, provide, offer -- (mount or put up; "put up a good fight"; "offer resistance") 5. leave, allow for, allow, provide -- (make a possibility or provide opportunity for; permit to be attainable or cause to remain; "This leaves no room for improvement"; "The evidence allows only one conclusion"; "allow for mistakes"; "leave lots of time for the trip"; "This procedure provides for lots of leeway") 6. provide, bring home the bacon -- (supply means of subsistence; earn a living; "He provides for his large family by working three jobs"; "Women nowadays not only take care of the household but also bring home the bacon") 7. provide -- (take measures in preparation for; "provide for the proper care of the passengers on the cruise ship") --- WordNet end ---