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1) es showed particle size of 218 nm, zeta potential of -25.4 mV, drug entrapment e
2) The possible antimutagenic potential of A7G was examined against muta
3) To assess the vector potential of Amblyomma hebraeum in transmi
4) ng the PPN's role in PD and assessing the potential of DBS are hampered by the lack
5) Research into the potential of ECs for vascular TE has focus
6) ndamental barrier to fully leveraging the potential of EHRs.
7) ession resulting in an increased invasive potential of HT1080 cells.
8) and protein levels, and promotes invasion potential of HT1080 cells.
9) ion assay revealed an increased migration potential of MSCs by co-culturing with O-h
10) ve inspired scientists to investigate the potential of MenSCs in cell therapy of dif
11) report demonstrating the differentiation potential of MenSCs into hepatocyte-like c
12) herapy of liver diseases, we examined the potential of MenSCs to differentiate into
13) rst, the immunophenotyping properties and potential of MenSCs to differentiate into
14) The authors investigate the potential of POSS-PCU, a synthetic nanocom
15) It also highlights the potential of Photovoice as an effective me
16) conducted to clarify the genetic toxicity potential of SWCNTs (diameter: 1-1.2 nm, l
17) trials are warranted to evaluate the true potential of TMS in ASD.
18) MHC) can reflect the fitness and adaptive potential of a given species due to its as
19) This study outlines the potential of a novel therapeutic dressing
20) red papilla (TEP), and to investigate the potential of a tissue-engineering method f
21) The LPT method has the potential of accelerating orthodontic toot
22) In this study we evaluated the potential of acellular dermal matrix (ADM)
23) The results of the study demonstrate the potential of adopting a multivariate appro
24) mahagoni may be due to its potential of antioxidative, calcium channe
25) rrent study aims to investigate genotoxic potential of bioactive synthetic pyridine
26) h on soft agar and decreased the invasive potential of cancer cells.
27) stimulation on the cardiodifferentiation potential of cardiac adipose tissue-derive
28) engineering of cell sheets and review the potential of cell sheet technology for per
29) blets were successfully optimized and its potential of colon targeting was validated
30) Several studies have demonstrated the potential of cross-polarization optical co
31) ow widespread recognition of the powerful potential of electronic health record (EHR
32) The aim of this study was to assess the potential of employing a classification to
33) to assess the hepatotoxic and clastogenic potential of extreme misuse of artemether-
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(1)67 of (15)4 effects (29)2 by (43)2 mediator
(2)39 to (16)4 guardian (30)2 clinical (44)2 new
(3)35 for (17)4 mechanism (31)2 confounders (45)2 pathways
(4)14 *null* (18)4 mechanisms (32)2 confounders, (46)2 perils
(5)13 in (19)3 adverse (33)2 directions (47)2 preventive
(6)10 as (20)3 applications (34)2 drug (48)2 risks
(7)10 risk (21)3 association (35)2 factors (49)2 than
(8)8 role (22)3 cytotoxicity (36)2 future (50)2 therapy
(9)8 use (23)3 genotoxic (37)2 harm (51)2 toxicity
(10)7 and (24)3 influence (38)2 hazards (52)2 vaccine
(11)7 therapeutic (25)3 pitfalls (39)2 impact (53)2 was
(12)6 benefits (26)3 utility (40)2 is
(13)5 health (27)3 value (41)2 issues
(14)5 predictors (28)2 biomarker (42)2 maximum

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--- WordNet output for potential --- =>可能性のある, 可能な, 潜在力のある, 位置の, 電位の, 潜在的な, ポテンシャル, 可能性, 電位 Overview of noun potential The noun potential has 2 senses (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (10) potential, potentiality, potency -- (the inherent capacity for coming into being) 2. electric potential, potential, potential difference, potential drop, voltage -- (the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts) Overview of adj potential The adj potential has 2 senses (first 2 from tagged texts) 1. (7) potential, possible -- (existing in possibility; "a potential problem"; "possible uses of nuclear power") 2. (6) likely, potential -- (expected to become or be; in prospect; "potential clients") --- WordNet end ---