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1) Patients with BMI >27 kg/m(2) were rand
2) Patients with HHcy (group A) received basi
3) Patients with acute ischemic stroke with p
4) Patients with antiheparin/PF4 IgG had a hi
5) Patients with antiheparin/PF4 IgG were old
6) Patients with clinically negative nodes ma
7) Patients with diverse type of wounds were
8) Patients with none (n = 10 508), 1 (n = 88
9) Patients with severe acute and chronic low
10) 95 patients with 107 overdentures were suppor
11) The stability of patients with 80 implants was monitored wi
12) Approximately, one-third of patients with ABC present simultaneously w
13) morphism of IL-1α gene were genotyped in patients with AD and controls.
14) ificantly increased Gal-3 serum levels in patients with AD compared to control parti
15) of 24-healthy elderly participants and 26 patients with AD without delusional syndro
16) ed the characteristics and outcomes of 49 patients with AHA diagnosed in our center
17) ive and safe to control acute bleeding in patients with AHA.
18) We performed surgery on 4 patients with CNFT and report here good re
19) A total of 300 patients with COPD aged 50 to 75 years wer
20) ent neural models of face perception, our patients with Capgras syndrome may be rela
21) IgG in old age or low antithrombin level patients with DIC with old age or low anti
22) automated chemiluminescence system in 118 patients with DIC.
23) ing HeartShield is beneficial in treating patients with DSWI.
24) use of neoadjuvant chemo(radio)therapy of patients with EAC.
25) arize and to present proper management of patients with IBD prior to conception, as
26) The great majority of patients with IH will not need treatment,
27) revalence and clinical characteristics of patients with LGV since 2007 when active c
28) Medical records of all patients with LGV were reviewed.
29) We classified 355 patients with NSTE-ACS according to the ad
30) s not associated with adverse outcomes in patients with NSTE-ACS treated with dual a
31) exist to ameliorate clinical symptoms in patients with PAD.
32) The median survival time of patients with PUs was significantly lower
33) festyle, disease and therapy variables in patients with RA.
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(1)129 with (10)9 was (19)4 using (28)2 included
(2)48 *null* (11)6 of (20)3 admitted (29)2 into
(3)42 were (12)5 have (21)3 experienced (30)2 often
(4)37 and (13)4 died (22)3 on (31)2 presented
(5)22 in (14)4 from (23)3 received (32)2 receiving
(6)21 who (15)4 is (24)3 the (33)2 this
(7)12 are (16)4 to (25)2 (6 (34)2 when
(8)10 undergoing (17)4 treated (26)2 after
(9)9 had (18)4 underwent (27)2 for

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--- WordNet output for patients --- Overview of noun patient The noun patient has 2 senses (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (73) patient -- (a person who requires medical care; "the number of emergency patients has grown rapidly") 2. affected role, patient role, patient -- (the semantic role of an entity that is not the agent but is directly involved in or affected by the happening denoted by the verb in the clause) --- WordNet end ---