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1) cervical cancer and indicates a potential novel therapeutic agent for the treatment
2) level will help to develop strategies for novel therapeutic agents or methods.
3) he pathogenesis and the identification of novel therapeutic approaches of OLP.
4) nting for the rehabilitative potential of novel therapeutic approaches which aim at
5) between alternative splicing pathways and novel therapeutic approaches.
6) This study outlines the potential of a novel therapeutic dressing for the managem
7) tologous ISC with HSC represents a viable novel therapeutic option for IDDM.
8) ions within the nociceptive pathway offer novel therapeutic perspectives.
9) hanisms of PD may help the development of novel therapeutic strategies against this
10) roblastoma tumorigenesis, and may provide novel therapeutic strategies and targets f
11) ls (MSCs) offer considerable promise as a novel therapeutic strategy for acute respi
12) nd feasibility for the exploration of the novel therapeutic strategy of differentiat
13) ing approach may lead to development of a novel therapeutic strategy to improve the
14) mucoadhesive elementary osmotic pumps as novel therapeutic systems for other drugs
15) ine the potential importance of Tpl2 as a novel therapeutic target for B[a]PDE-induc
16) asis, arterial stiffness has emerged as a novel therapeutic target for cardiovascula
17) ignant phenotype of PCa and constitutes a novel therapeutic target for human PCa.
18) ce in normal tissue, SALL4 is a potential novel therapeutic target for the high-risk
19) ion and tumor growth, and may represent a novel therapeutic target for treating canc
20) diagnostic marker for NSCLC and may be a novel therapeutic target in patients with
21) inflammatory cytokines; this pathway is a novel therapeutic target to mitigate wear
22) sting implications for the development of novel therapeutic tools in place of the pa
23) Rveillance EVALuation framework, which is novel and aims to be generic and therefore
24) Taken together, our results suggest a novel and critical role of TIP30 involved
25) machinery of cancer cells could result in novel and efficient anticancer therapies.
26) These results, establishing BRG1 as a novel and functional ATM substrate, sugges
27) This study was aimed at establishing novel and more sensitive methods, assessin
28) Here, we present a novel and quantitative method for determin
29) We introduce a novel and simple mathematical model of ord
30) We evaluated novel and traditional biomarkers as well a
31) review recent studies that have unraveled novel and unique contributions of astrocyt
32) cerebrospinal fluid is specific for this novel and widely under-diagnosed disorder.
33) We describe a simple, novel, and reproducible method for prepari
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(1)22 therapeutic (17)3 mutation (33)2 approaches (49)2 information
(2)11 and (18)3 paradigm (34)2 autosomal (50)2 inhibitors
(3)8 mechanism (19)3 role (35)2 candidate (51)2 learning
(4)8 method (20)3 strain (36)2 cardiac (52)2 modulators
(5)7 approach (21)3 target (37)2 clinical (53)2 object
(6)7 mutations (22)3 targeted (38)2 compounds (54)2 oral
(7)6 therapies (23)3 targets (39)2 data (55)2 polymer
(8)5 technique (24)3 treatment (40)2 described (56)2 potent
(9)4 strategies (25)3 type (41)2 dual (57)2 prognostic
(10)4 strategy (26)3 words (42)2 electroporation (58)2 putative
(11)4 surgical (27)2 *null* (43)2 finding (59)2 recombinants
(12)3 antibacterial (28)2 anti-tumor (44)2 findings (60)2 results
(13)3 drug (29)2 antibiotic (45)2 form (61)2 therapeutical
(14)3 homozygous (30)2 anticancer (46)2 genetic (62)2 titanium
(15)3 insights (31)2 application (47)2 imaging (63)2 treatments
(16)3 mechanisms (32)2 applications (48)2 in

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--- WordNet output for novel --- =>1.よく知られていない, 新しい, 珍奇な, 異常な, 新奇な, 目新しい, 2.(長編)小説 Overview of noun novel The noun novel has 2 senses (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (17) novel -- (an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story) 2. novel -- (a printed and bound book that is an extended work of fiction; "his bookcases were filled with nothing but novels"; "he burned all the novels") Overview of adj novel The adj novel has 2 senses (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (6) fresh, new, novel -- (original and of a kind not seen before; "the computer produced a completely novel proof of a well-known theorem") 2. novel, refreshing -- (pleasantly new or different; "common sense of a most refreshing sort") --- WordNet end ---