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1) In previous research, we investigated the molecular mechanisms adopted by aphids to
2) le we have a greater understanding of the molecular mechanisms and cellular location
3) is now improving our understanding of the molecular mechanisms and genetic factors i
4) an urgent need exists to both uncover the molecular mechanisms and identify potentia
5) However, the underlying molecular mechanisms are yet to be elucida
6) The comprehensive knowledge of the molecular mechanisms behind the associatio
7) Despite these aspects, the exact molecular mechanisms between homocysteine
8) the expansion of this type of cancer, the molecular mechanisms by which CAFs assist
9) Thus far, the exact molecular mechanisms by which inactivated
10) Insights into the molecular mechanisms by which it propagate
11) This review focuses on the molecular mechanisms by which the ESCRT pr
12) s have identified underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms for carcinogen-induce
13) hich aims to enhance our understanding of molecular mechanisms implicated in ESCC de
14) rafting on neural function and underlying molecular mechanisms in acute stage of tra
15) was to evaluate silk gland damage and its molecular mechanisms in phoxim-induced sil
16) tly been achieved in the understanding of molecular mechanisms involved in cellular
17) rovide an updated framework regarding the molecular mechanisms involved in the devel
18) further understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the patho
19) A better understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the progr
20) ant to better understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms modulated by transpla
21) he present study aimed to investigate the molecular mechanisms of 5'-amino-oleana-2,
22) ressful conditions? In order to solve the molecular mechanisms of VBNC state inducti
23) This review addresses BBR's molecular mechanisms of action and clinica
24) tion have been identified so that the new molecular mechanisms of action have been e
25) ervations may further help understand the molecular mechanisms of autophagy induced
26) to alter liver functions, the underlying molecular mechanisms of hepatotoxicity are
27) he present study sheds novel light on the molecular mechanisms of matrine and potent
28) d to elucidate the protective effects and molecular mechanisms of matrine.
29) EMOSPho will be useful for dissecting the molecular mechanisms of megakaryocytic dif
30) However, very little is known about the molecular mechanisms of midgut injury due
31) However, the potential molecular mechanisms of neuroprotection wi
32) the recent advances in understanding the molecular mechanisms of ozone uptake, perc
33) acute hepatotoxicity and to determine the molecular mechanisms of protection offered
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(1)52 mechanisms (19)5 docking (37)3 recognition (55)2 heparin
(2)26 weight (20)5 information (38)3 serotyping (56)2 identification
(3)18 data (21)5 methods (39)3 sieve (57)2 knowledge
(4)18 mechanism (22)5 modeling (40)3 structure (58)2 mass
(5)16 dynamics (23)5 phylogenetic (41)3 techniques (59)2 mechanisms,
(6)15 and (24)5 targets (42)3 variance (60)2 or
(7)10 analysis (25)4 diagnosis (43)2 Dynamics (61)2 oxygen
(8)10 basis (26)4 interactions (44)2 approach (62)2 perspectives
(9)8 characterization (27)4 level (45)2 biological (63)2 phenotypic
(10)7 epidemiology (28)4 level, (46)2 classification (64)2 phylogenies
(11)7 genetic (29)4 responses (47)2 clock (65)2 probes
(12)7 imaging (30)4 target (48)2 dating (66)2 profiles
(13)6 biology (31)3 evolution (49)2 details (67)2 subtype
(14)6 changes (32)3 features (50)2 diffusion (68)2 therapies
(15)6 markers (33)3 levels (51)2 effects (69)2 underpinnings
(16)6 pathways (34)3 marker (52)2 events
(17)5 analyses (35)3 medicine (53)2 evidence
(18)5 characteristics (36)3 orbital (54)2 genetics

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--- WordNet output for molecular --- =>分子の Overview of adj molecular The adj molecular has 2 senses (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (6) molecular -- (relating to or produced by or consisting of molecules; "molecular structure"; "molecular oxygen"; "molecular weight is the sum of all the atoms in a molecule") 2. molecular -- (relating to simple or elementary organization; "proceed by more and more detailed analysis to the molecular facts of perception"--G.A. Miller) --- WordNet end ---