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392) Implant-assisted latissimus dorsi (LD) flap reconstruction of breast is a popular method among the reconstructive surgeons.
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PMID:24149409 DOI:10.1097/SAP.0b013e3182a6adfc
2015 Annals of plastic surgery
* Feasibility of autologous fat transfer for replacement of implant volume in complicated implant-assisted latissimus dorsi flap breast reconstruction.
- Lipomodeling is gaining popularity and has been widely used in various settings of reconstructive breast surgery. Implant-assisted latissimus dorsi (LD) flap reconstruction of breast is a popular method among the reconstructive surgeons. When this type of reconstruction is met with complications such as infection and capsular contracture, it necessitates removal of implants and patients are left with very limited options of reconstructions. We aim to assess the feasibility of lipomodeling in this setting.Retrospective analysis of prospectively maintained database of 10 patients who underwent lipomodeling to correct the volume deficit after implant removal in patients with implant-assisted LD flaps was carried out. A custom-made questionnaire using a 4-point Likert scale and a visual analog scale was used to assess the patient-reported outcomes. Patients were discharged from care after completion of treatment and were followed up by questionnaire. First questionnaire was sent to assess satisfaction at medium term and the second questionnaire was to assess satisfaction in the longer term.Mean number of sessions were 3 (range, 2-4) and mean duration of treatment was 14 months. Mean duration of initial follow-up was 15 months (range, 3-25 months) and that of longer follow-up was 40 months (range, 19-60 months). Variable amount of fat was harvested and transferred during different sessions. Patients were happy to undergo multiple sessions of fat transfer. No major complications were observed in our series and overall satisfaction was high with a mean score of 9.3 (range, 8-10) in the longer term. Persistence of higher satisfaction during a longer period is reassuring as one of the concerns regarding fat transfer is the unpredictable resorption rate.Lipomodeling is a useful feasible option to replace implant volume in patients with complicated implant-assisted LD reconstruction. Multiple sessions of lipomodeling seem to be acceptable to patients. This technique was associated with negligible complications and high patient satisfaction was maintained during longer periods of follow-up.
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--- WordNet output for method --- =>方法, 筋道, 秩序, 規則正しさ, 順序 Overview of noun method The noun method has 2 senses (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (95) method -- (a way of doing something, especially a systematic way; implies an orderly logical arrangement (usually in steps)) 2. method acting, method -- (an acting technique introduced by Stanislavsky in which the actor recalls emotions or reactions from his or her own life and uses them to identify with the character being portrayed) --- WordNet end ---