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11) Etoposide-loaded BSA nanosuspensions were prepared by high-pressure homogenization-solvent precipitation method.
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PMID:24401038 DOI:10.3109/10717544.2013.871600
2015 Drug delivery
* Development of etoposide-loaded bovine serum albumin nanosuspensions for parenteral delivery.
- Nanosuspensions emerge as a promising strategy for delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs. Albumin is a versatile protein carrier for drug delivery and targeting. The purpose of this study was to develop a formulation of etoposide-loaded bovine serum albumin (BSA) nanosuspensions, to study in vitro characterization, and to estimate the in vivo safety and tissue distribution of etoposide-loaded BSA nanosuspensions for parenteral delivery. Etoposide-loaded BSA nanosuspensions were prepared by high-pressure homogenization-solvent precipitation method. The particle size, zeta potential, drug entrapment efficiency, and drug loading of the lyophilized formulation were 182.3 nm, -22.18 mV, 86.44%, and 8.49% respectively. In vitro release files of the formulation presented sustained release properties. Preliminary safety study was conducted to evaluate the delivery system, and results indicated that myelosuppression effect of the etoposide-loaded BSA nanosuspensions group was significantly lower than the Injection® group. Furthermore, results of tissue distribution studies showed that the concentration and AUC of etoposide were increased significantly in lung, liver, spleen while reduced in heart, kidney compared with the etoposide injection® group after i.v. administration of etoposide-loaded BSA nanosuspensions. The formulation played a role in targeting delivery to lung, reduce toxicity, and side effects of etoposide. In conclusion, etoposide-loaded BSA nanosuspensions were promising for parenteral delivery of etoposide.
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