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1) ibited ROS generation and LPO induced and increased the GSH levels reduced by ethano
2) Patton Flow® increased the MN frequency in fish erythro
3) Additionally, ultrasonic-EDTA combination increased the bond strength.
4) nd prevention of radical formations, have increased the concentration of LDL in inti
5) ed by means of von Mises stress maps that increased the crown heights.
6) r particles reduced tensile strength, but increased the drug release rate and the pe
7) When the drug loading was increased the drug release was accelerated
8) hat parietal ccPAS in the left hemisphere increased the excitability of conditioned
9) alysis showed that ASCs-ADM significantly increased the expression of angiogenic fac
10) LLLT increased the expressions of all tested ge
11) The addition of 50 ng/ml activin-A increased the follicular growth rate in th
12) EtOH also increased the formation of malondialdehyde
13) showed that 5 μM concentrations of AFB1 increased the frequencies of sister chroma
14) hiobarbituric acid reactive substance but increased the glutathione contents in panc
15) stage, melatonin at 10-3 M significantly increased the in vitro development of embr
16) We found that MC-LR markedly increased the level of Tau phosphorylation
17) y 6, the addition of activin-A (50 ng/ml) increased the levels of ActR-IA mRNA compa
18) ition of 50 ng/ml activin-A significantly increased the levels of its own mRNA compa
19) but being coresident with adult children increased the mortality risk of cardiovasc
20) report that the in utero exposure to TCDD increased the number of terminal end buds
21) M, 10 μM, P < 0.01, respectively) and increased the percentage of 2-cell embryos
22) Severe hyperoxia increased the percentage of apoptotic cell
23) Using 125-355 µm HPMC particles increased the percolation threshold for ta
24) ocus of control (OR: 2.75, CI: 1.25-6.03) increased the probabilities of using DCCs.
25) llowed by focused femtosecond laser which increased the pulpal and surface temperatu
26) cational attainment and financial support increased the quality of life except for a
27) creased the elevated tissue MDA level and increased the reduced SOD activity and GSH
28) e, genotypes of ADH1C (1-1) + ADH1C (1-2) increased the risk of breast cancer in dri
29) g the percentage of POSS in the scaffolds increased the size of the pores found in t
30) Low-intensity laser therapy increased the success rate of orthodontic
31) Higher concentrations of NaOCl increased the tissue dissolution.
32) palms between sets of resistance exercise increased the total exercise volume load p
33) Transcutol-P increased the transition temperature of th
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(1)36 the (14)5 to (27)2 RDW (40)2 likelihood
(2)34 in (15)4 after (28)2 awareness (41)2 maternal
(3)27 risk (16)4 as (29)2 bone (42)2 morbidity
(4)21 *null* (17)3 activity (30)2 but (43)2 number
(5)20 with (18)3 among (31)2 compared (44)2 over
(6)16 by (19)3 at (32)2 concentrations (45)2 pre-stimulus
(7)15 significantly (20)3 cell (33)2 drug (46)2 production
(8)6 and (21)3 level (34)2 during (47)2 rapidly
(9)6 expression (22)3 levels (35)2 fax (48)2 use
(10)6 from (23)3 physical (36)2 functional (49)2 vascular
(11)5 activation (24)3 sensitivity (37)2 hepatic
(12)5 odds (25)2 MI (38)2 if
(13)5 serum (26)2 Math1 (39)2 interest

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--- WordNet output for increased --- =>力の増加 Overview of verb increase The verb increase has 2 senses (first 2 from tagged texts) 1. (86) increase -- (become bigger or greater in amount; "The amount of work increased") 2. (61) increase -- (make bigger or more; "The boss finally increased her salary"; "The university increased the number of students it admitted") Overview of adj increased The adj increased has 1 sense (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (30) increased -- (made greater in size or amount or degree) --- WordNet end ---