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1) Health care planners and providers should
2) ence on the coverage expansion of primary health care (PHC) linking to good health i
3) ginning with the so-called moral right to health care (all life is sacred), the issu
4) usehold financing for women's nonmaternal health care and evidences on community-bas
5) on extensive material covering mostly US health care and health policy topics over
6) n of a sense of individual entitlement to health care and limited acceptance of indi
7) cept of legal rights as an entitlement to health care and present distributive and s
8) e providers focal points in preconception health care and programming.
9) (age ≥18 years) records from a primary health care clinic.
10) g regimens offer higher program costs and health care costs for premature birth, the
11) ulation-based cohorts using observational health care databases are being developed.
12) d risk protection for women's nonmaternal health care during the previous 1 year, th
13) n 5 years after disasters especially when health care facilities are not enough.
14) The health care facilities are one of the impo
15) e EDs were also frequent users of "other" health care facilities.
16) lenges in its effort to provide access to health care for all.
17) rms to increase access to dental and oral health care for mental health consumers.
18) rough illness and to be reluctant to seek health care from their colleagues, which i
19) the view that universal access to primary health care improves the multiple health b
20) To have access to health care in the future will mean some l
21) in countries with under-resourced public health care infrastructure.
22) A total of 7 health care institutions were chosen as po
23) young children and that delayed access to health care led to the higher likelihood o
24) ntion of vision impairment at the primary health care level will contribute to promo
25) principle of need for prioritisations in health care meet in order to be plausible
26) n 8,718 patients in a veterans-integrated health care network, this study assessed r
27) ted Exercise Physiologists through allied health care plans initiated through primar
28) These findings render unique insight into health care policies aimed to improve race
29) Simultaneously, health care policy demands patients are ex
30) t are key factors to take into account in health care policy.
31) Recently adopted health care practices and policies describ
32) This study is mostly oriented to health care practitioners who deal with wo
33) Mothers cited health care professionals' lack of cultura
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(1)73 care (17)5 impact (33)3 issues (49)2 cost
(2)35 and (18)5 impacts (34)3 literacy (50)2 data
(3)23 *null* (19)5 insurance (35)3 policy (51)2 economic
(4)13 promotion (20)5 problem (36)3 risk (52)2 examination
(5)12 Survey (21)5 system (37)3 risks (53)2 factors
(6)12 professionals (22)4 knowledge (38)3 services, (54)2 hazard
(7)8 education (23)4 providers (39)3 symptoms (55)2 is
(8)8 effects (24)4 surveillance (40)3 was (56)2 messages
(9)8 outcomes (25)3 Insurance (41)3 workers (57)2 needs
(10)8 status (26)3 Promotion (42)2 Department (58)2 plan
(11)7 problems (27)3 as (43)2 Organization's (59)2 protection
(12)6 Organization (28)3 authorities (44)2 activities (60)2 sector
(13)6 in (29)3 centres (45)2 benefits (61)2 survey
(14)6 of (30)3 conditions (46)2 centers
(15)6 services (31)3 hazards (47)2 challenges
(16)5 behaviours (32)3 interventions (48)2 concern

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--- WordNet output for health --- =>健康状態, 健康, 調子 Overview of noun health The noun health has 2 senses (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (21) health, wellness -- (a healthy state of wellbeing free from disease; "physicians should be held responsible for the health of their patients") 2. health -- (the general condition of body and mind; "his delicate health"; "in poor health") --- WordNet end ---