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5) Findings suggest significant decrease in Z-scores of BMI and an improvement in the ability to perform sport activities (P<0·05).
--- ABSTRACT ---
PMID:24304646 DOI:10.1111/cpf.12112
2015 Clinical physiology and functional imaging
* Strategies in intervention programmes for obese youth: implication of the age and the type of physical activities.
- The aim of this study was to assess the effects of age and type of physical activity on anthropometric measures of obese youth participating in an intervention programme. Subjects included 37 obese children (12·5 ± 2·9 years). The programme consisted of a unique programme of physical activity and health education. Assessments included body mass index (BMI), body composition and ability to perform sport activities. Paired t-tests were used to assess the effects of intervention, and chi square was used to assess interaction between measures. Findings suggest significant decrease in Z-scores of BMI and an improvement in the ability to perform sport activities (P<0·05). The effectiveness of the programme has more impact on children than adolescents (P<0·05). Improvements were greater in team versus net sports (P<0·05). Results show that intervention strategies have to be different according to the age to have a favourable effect on anthropometric characteristic and the consequences of obesity childhood and adulthood. The findings suggest that the intervention programme was of greater benefit for children than adolescents.
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(3)24 of (17)8 show (31)3 imply (45)2 hold
(4)23 *null* (18)7 showed (32)3 indicated (46)2 implicate
(5)23 from (19)7 underscore (33)3 regarding (47)2 into
(6)17 are (20)6 to (34)3 that (48)2 is
(7)17 support (21)5 suggested (35)3 the (49)2 lend
(8)14 provide (22)4 also (36)3 will (50)2 or
(9)12 have (23)4 included (37)2 add (51)2 point
(10)12 highlight (24)4 on (38)2 at (52)2 provided
(11)12 in (25)4 reveal (39)2 by (53)2 related
(12)12 were (26)4 we (40)2 call (54)2 should
(13)11 and (27)3 could (41)2 confirm (55)2 suggesting
(14)10 demonstrate (28)3 demonstrated (42)2 contribute (56)2 suggestive

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--- WordNet output for findings --- =>研究(調査)結果 Overview of noun findings The noun findings has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts) 1. findings -- (a collection of tools and other articles used by an artisan to make jewelry or clothing or shoes) Overview of noun finding The noun finding has 3 senses (first 3 from tagged texts) 1. (16) determination, finding -- (the act of determining the properties of something, usually by research or calculation; "the determination of molecular structures") 2. (3) finding -- (the decision of a court on issues of fact or law) 3. (1) finding -- (something that is found; "the findings in the gastrointestinal tract indicate that he died several hours after dinner"; "an area rich in archaeological findings") --- WordNet end ---