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27) These findings suggest that NO synthesis is involved in the wound bed microcirculatory change induced by NPWT.
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PMID:23834415 DOI:10.1111/iwj.12121
2015 International wound journal
* Involvement of nitric oxide in the wound bed microcirculatory change during negative pressure wound therapy.
- This study investigated the role of nitric oxide (NO) in the mechanism of blood flow increase in the wound bed during negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT). We developed an improved experimental model that allowed visualisation of the wound bed microcirculation under NPWT. Wounds were created on the mouse ear, taking care to preserve the subdermal vascular plexus, because the wound bed microcirculation was visualised using an intravital microscope system. We investigated whether application of a NO synthase inhibitor (N(G) -nitro-l-arginine methyl ester: L-NAME) might diminish the effect of the NPWT in increasing the wound blood flow. The experimental animals were divided into a negative pressure group (negative pressure of -125 mmHg applied to the wound for 5 minutes; n = 8), and a negative pressure plus L-NAME group (administration of L-NAME prior to application of the negative pressure; n = 8). In the negative pressure group, significant increase of blood flow was observed at 1 minute after the negative pressure application, which was sustained until 5 minutes. On the contrary, in the negative pressure plus L-NAME group, no significant changes were observed throughout the period of observation. These findings suggest that NO synthesis is involved in the wound bed microcirculatory change induced by NPWT.
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--- WordNet output for findings --- =>研究(調査)結果 Overview of noun findings The noun findings has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts) 1. findings -- (a collection of tools and other articles used by an artisan to make jewelry or clothing or shoes) Overview of noun finding The noun finding has 3 senses (first 3 from tagged texts) 1. (16) determination, finding -- (the act of determining the properties of something, usually by research or calculation; "the determination of molecular structures") 2. (3) finding -- (the decision of a court on issues of fact or law) 3. (1) finding -- (something that is found; "the findings in the gastrointestinal tract indicate that he died several hours after dinner"; "an area rich in archaeological findings") --- WordNet end ---