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1) Clinical and public health implications ar
2) Clinical and training recommendations are
3) rior myocardial infarction with favorable clinical and LV hemodynamic improvements p
4) nt of disease activity by using objective clinical and biological outcome measures a
5) This evaluation examines the influence of clinical and demographic characteristics i
6) en the two groups were found in the basic clinical and echocardiographic variables.
7) HRT, HRV, basic clinical and echocardiographic, and Holter
8) that there is a high convergence between clinical and ecological measures of execut
9) summarizes the accumulated evidence from clinical and epidemiological studies regar
10) ical alterations, despite their potential clinical and experimental application, are
11) eroxia in the first postnatal period, but clinical and experimental works have raise
12) ting of MI is of great importance both to clinical and forensic investigation, that
13) n months later, the patient has excellent clinical and functional outcome.
14) llary and radial nerves, with significant clinical and functional sequelae.
15) discusses the basic pathology, genetics, clinical and histological presentation and
16) on of lymphatic flow, with characteristic clinical and histological presentation.
17) Correlation between clinical and histopathological aspects led
18) This result explains the clinical and histopathological effects of
19) ement and prevention of caries, reviewing clinical and in vitro studies.
20) n medication, coronary interventions, and clinical and laboratory parameters at 6-10
21) Other clinical and laboratory parameters were si
22) recently become an important part of the clinical and medical research process and
23) These findings, together with other clinical and paraclinical parameters shoul
24) istochemical and ultrastructural but also clinical and prognostic differences betwee
25) mours (CMT) and human breast cancer share clinical and prognostic features, the form
26) ly-loaded 1-piece implants (OPI) based on clinical and radiographic findings.
27) PI design is associated with satisfactory clinical and radiographic follow-up result
28) the paradental cyst can present variable clinical and radiographic signs, it is man
29) s to retrospectively assess the long-term clinical and radiological results in a gro
30) ver, when looking at this approach from a clinical and regulatory perspective, the u
31) port validation of milk analysers in both clinical and research settings, the aim of
32) ualization of feeding vessels has several clinical and therapeutic implications, the
33) ificant differences in socio-demographic, clinical, and psychological baseline chara
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(1)36 and (17)5 application (33)3 attachment (49)2 grading
(2)26 practice (18)5 data (34)3 course, (50)2 interventions
(3)22 trials (19)5 efficacy (35)3 examination, (51)2 literature
(4)19 trial (20)5 features (36)3 experience (52)2 measures
(5)14 research (21)5 outcome (37)3 information (53)2 nurse
(6)14 studies (22)5 picture (38)3 manifestations (54)2 observations
(7)10 use (23)5 relevance (39)3 significance (55)2 point
(8)8 parameters (24)5 symptoms (40)3 variables (56)2 practice,
(9)8 settings (25)5 translation (41)2 benefits (57)2 presentation,
(10)8 signs (26)5 trials, (42)2 cases (58)2 process
(11)8 study (27)5 utility (43)2 conditions (59)2 results
(12)7 examination (28)4 characteristics (44)2 context (60)2 sample,
(13)7 implications (29)4 evaluation (45)2 decision-making (61)2 situation
(14)7 presentation (30)4 management (46)2 decisions (62)2 situations,
(15)6 applications (31)4 outcomes (47)2 diagnosis (63)2 success
(16)6 course (32)4 signs, (48)2 findings (64)2 tooth

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--- WordNet output for clinical --- =>客観的な態度の, 臨床の, 臨床治療の, 臨床, 分析的な, 冷静な, 客観的な, 病院に関するものだ, 病院関係の Overview of adj clinical The adj clinical has 2 senses (first 2 from tagged texts) 1. (14) clinical -- (relating to a clinic or conducted in or as if in a clinic and depending on direct observation of patients; "clinical observation"; "clinical case study") 2. (1) clinical -- (scientifically detached; unemotional; "he spoke in the clipped clinical monotones typical of police testimony") --- WordNet end ---