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287) Of 56 symptomatic cattle epithelial tissue samples, diagnostic PCR assay based on 5'-URT detected 38 FMDV infections.
--- ABSTRACT ---
PMID:23734722 DOI:10.1111/tbed.12113
2015 Transboundary and emerging diseases
* Emergence and Distribution of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Serotype A and O in Bangladesh.
- Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is endemic in Bangladesh and is predominantly due to FMDV serotype O. In 2012, FMD outbreaks were identified in five different districts of Bangladesh. Of 56 symptomatic cattle epithelial tissue samples, diagnostic PCR assay based on 5'-URT detected 38 FMDV infections. Viral genotyping targeting VP1-encoding region confirmed emergence of two distinct serotypes, A and O with an abundance of serotype A in Chittagong and Gazipur districts and serotype O in Pabna and Faridpur. Only single lineage of both A and O was retrieved from samples of five different regions. Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of VP1 sequences revealed that serotype O sequences were closely related to the Ind 2001 sublineage of Middle East-South Asia (ME-SA) topotype that was previously circulating in Bangladesh, and serotype A sequences belonging to the genotype VII that was dominant in India during the last decade. The results suggest that extensive cross-border animal movement from neighbouring countries is the most likely source of FMDV serotypes in Bangladesh.
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(1)142 the (8)4 data (15)2 clinical (22)2 partial
(2)40 a (9)4 our (16)2 combined (23)2 previous
(3)19 these (10)4 two (17)2 current (24)2 radiological
(4)9 their (11)3 16S (18)2 functional (25)2 sequences
(5)7 this (12)3 an (19)2 histological (26)2 shear
(6)5 its (13)2 all (20)2 interviews (27)2 small
(7)4 both (14)2 changes (21)2 morphology (28)2 surveys

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--- WordNet output for based --- =>に基づき Overview of verb base The verb base has 3 senses (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (75) establish, base, ground, found -- (use as a basis for; found on; "base a claim on some observation") 2. base -- (situate as a center of operations; "we will base this project in the new lab") 3. free-base, base -- (use (purified cocaine) by burning it and inhaling the fumes) Overview of adj based The adj based has 2 senses (first 2 from tagged texts) 1. (3) based -- (having a base; "firmly based ice") 2. (1) based -- (having a base of operations (often used as a combining form); "a locally based business"; "an Atlanta-based company"; "carrier-based planes") --- WordNet end ---