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1) This study aim to investigate the diagnostic potential of Raman spectroscopy in comparison with rapid urease test and histopathology in diagnosis of H.
2) Our study aim was to evaluate the activity of a combinatorial regimen of sandwich sequencing of pembrolizumab immunotherapy and hypofractionated radiotherapy (RT).
3) This study aim to describe the characteristics and strategies of counseling for physical activity used by Primary Health Care (PHC) professionals.
4) The results shown in our study aim at expanding the knowledge on fetal programming and early-life growth and development of beef cattle under supplementation with RPM.
5) The study aim was to investigate the agreement between quantitative PET outcomes from a PET/MR scanner against a stand-alone PET system.
6) This study aim to establish a correlation between the bioactive compounds contained in the extracts of Anacardium occidentale and its anti-inflammatory activity.
7) The study aim was to evaluate the role of ferritin as a nonspecific marker of leukemic growth and marker of transfusion-related iron overload.
8) The study aim was to identify markers demonstrating significant effects on agronomic traits.
9) Objectives The study aim was to explore effective measures to promote job seekers' participation in the Care Worker Initial Training course provided by Hello Work.Methods In this study, we adopted the nudge approach as a method to promote behavioral changes based on a knowledge of behavioral economics.
10) This study aim to investigate if remote intensive coaching for the first 6 months post-AMI will improve adherence to the twice-a-day antiplatelet medication, ticagrelor.
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