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1) Concepts in the transcripts were inductively identified and explored, utilizing thematic analysis to better understand their relevance to the study aim.
2) The study aim is 2-fold: (i) to describe linezolid pharmacokinetics (PK), and (ii) to evaluate if PK/pharmacodynamic (PD) target attainment is achieved with standard dosing in critically ill, obese patients with severe skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs).
3) The study aim was to assess attached gingiva thickness in relation to its width, probing depth, crowding, and tooth position in the arch during the early transitional dentition phase.<br /> Method and materials: A cross-sectional study in 193 children aged 7 years with healthy mucogingival complex was conducted, and PIROP ultrasonic biometer measurement of gingival thickness of mandibular incisors was applied.
4) Therefore, the study aim was to assess the effects of anxiety, depression, impulsivity, and substance use in the relationship between e-cigarette use and youth and young adults with asthma status.
5) The study aim was to examine the effects of relocation to ABW on perceived productivity among employees and to determine if perceived change-oriented leadership behavior prior to relocation moderates potential effects.
6) The study aim was to evaluate the effect of Plantago major supplementation on serum leptin and VEGF blood concentration, endothelial dysfunction and angiogenesis in obese women.
7) To achieve the study aim, immunoinformatics approaches were applied to the said pathogen's proteomics sequence data.
8) Background and study aim  Pre-endoscopic use of a preparation with tensioactive and mucolytic agents improved gastric mucosa visualization in Eastern studies.
9) The study aim was to compare the likelihood of meeting the aerobic Physical Activity Guidelines (PAG) in early adulthood by youth sports participation patterns among females and males.
10) The study aim is to validate the BMQ and ASK-12 questionnaire for use in a Singapore population with early stage breast cancer.
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