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82) Here, we propose a new method for DIF detection based on model-ba
83) ecessary to determine the best intubation method for NIPPV failure.
84) ng regions by using the Sanger sequencing method for application in Forensic Science
85) Marshall test is another method for assessing joint laxity.
86) This report presents a novel method for assessing the bioavailability o
87) a novel, cost-effective, simple and rapid method for assessing the bioavailability o
88) play a useful role in developing a better method for assessing the influence of road
89) tic therapy has been proposed as a useful method for augmenting the resorbed alveola
90) ially with USSC is considered as a useful method for bone regeneration.
91) le of nature as the most important coping method for cancer patients confirms the re
92) this study, we report a quick and simple method for comparing decellularization pro
93) A popular method for comparing the efficacy of treat
94) The aim was to develop a method for comparison of stress distributi
95) Statistical Psychology, 37, 62-83, 1984) method for computing the covariance matrix
96) In this paper, we describe a method for computing this covariance matri
97) ed with WCX magnetic beads was a powerful method for constructing a classification t
98) test methods; European Pharmacopoeia (EP) method for conventional tablets (Method 1)
99) tablished a short-term, in vivo screening method for detecting JH analogs using adul
100) be used to produce a short-term screening method for detecting JH analogs.
101) olonoscopy remains the standard screening method for detecting colorectal cancer (CR
102) This work focuses on the evaluation of a method for determining MNZ in water, sedim
103) Here, we present a novel and quantitative method for determining the degree of coloc
104) A recently developed computerized method for estimation of myocardial perfus
105) is a reliable, practical and inexpensive method for examining the fertilising capac
106) Distillation provides a method for examining the practice patterns
107) and an understanding that it was the best method for feeding their infants.
108) dge can be used for developing an inverse method for identification of postelastic p
109) DEP provides an ideal method for identifying subsets of cells wi
110) orms and Chernoff Faces, we illustrated a method for implementing psychophysiology w
111) ion with handpicking as the gold standard method for islet purity.
112) We present a fluorescence-lifetime based method for monitoring cell and tissue acti
113) In this study we demonstrate a new method for monitoring of laser ablation pr
114) daptive stimulus patterns is an efficient method for objective frequency-specific he
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(2)59 for (13)6 using (24)2 among (35)2 on
(3)39 of (14)5 has (25)2 but (36)2 provided
(4)39 to (15)5 used (26)2 by (37)2 should
(5)37 was (16)4 showed (27)2 choice (38)2 study
(6)26 is (17)4 which (28)2 combined (39)2 the
(7)24 and (18)3 are (29)2 could (40)2 uses
(8)15 in (19)3 as (30)2 from (41)2 we
(9)9 that (20)3 significantly (31)2 helped
(10)8 can (21)2 a (32)2 involves
(11)7 based (22)2 against (33)2 known

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--- WordNet output for method --- =>方法, 筋道, 秩序, 規則正しさ, 順序 Overview of noun method The noun method has 2 senses (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (95) method -- (a way of doing something, especially a systematic way; implies an orderly logical arrangement (usually in steps)) 2. method acting, method -- (an acting technique introduced by Stanislavsky in which the actor recalls emotions or reactions from his or her own life and uses them to identify with the character being portrayed) --- WordNet end ---