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359) This study, therefore, concludes that Ismailia
360) This study, therefore, demonstrates that inhala
361) The purpose of this study, therefore, was to determine the eff
362) In this study, three different akermanite:poly-ϵ-
363) In this study, three different geometries of the t
364) To conduct the study, three pediatric wards were selected
365) erlie the associations, identified in the study, to derive potential preventive stra
366) In this study, to evaluate the inhibitory effect o
367) In the present study, to fill up this gap, electrical mic
368) For this comparative prospective study, 24 female patients, aged ≥54 year
369) In this study, 24 male albino rats (190-200 g) wer
370) In this study, an aligned nanofibrous graft was fo
371) In this study, an enriched TIC population was iden
372) In the present study, effects of CECF on inhibition of mi
373) In this study, effects of radial styloid process (
374) ssive daytime sleepiness observed in this study, further investigation and/or interv
375) ven the retrospective design used in this study, further validation of this finding
376) In this study, human LECs were treated with murine
377) In the present study, human platelet lysate (PL) was test
378) In this study, in vitro distribution of finasterid
379) is issue was addressed in the present MRI study, in which cortical thickness (Cth) a
380) In this study, serum samples from 793 wild rodents
381) In this study, serum samples from 796 wild rodents
382) In this cross-language study, six Italian and six French voice ex
383) our work was to compare, via a simulation study, six dose-finding methods for combin
384) The acute study, using a modified OECD 425 progressi
385) In this study, using complementary log-log multiva
386) In this study, 11.5 days post coitum (dpc) female
387) In this study, 124 Canadian health professionals a
388) In this study, 23 heteroplasmic individuals were d
389) In this descriptive cross-sectional study, 252 subjects were recruited using s
390) For this study, 298 adolescent learners from KwaZul
391) In the present study, 30 patients with Huntington's disea
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(2)85 the (7)4 which (12)2 24 (17)2 in
(3)22 a (8)3 DNA (13)2 an (18)2 serum
(4)11 and (9)3 therefore, (14)2 effects (19)2 six
(5)8 it (10)3 three (15)2 further

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