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338) In this study, it appears that domperidone in comb
339) Within the limitation of this study, it can be concluded that bone densi
340) Based on the results of this study, it can be concluded that the Erbium
341) peed up its identification and functional study, it is indispensable to make a compr
342) As a result of our study, it may be concluded that tissue Al
343) Within the limitation of this study, it seems that the inclination of sp
344) In our previous study, it was confirmed that wogonin could
345) Between the B compounds used in this study, it was found that borax had a great
346) In this study, two carbon materials [chicken manur
347) In our study, two groups of diabetic patients wit
348) In this study, two mammalian fibroblast lines (Bal
349) In this study, two mouse monoclonal antibodies (mA
350) In this study, two questionnaires were distributed
351) In this study, two versions of keepin' it REAL, a
352) ynnicephalus is firstly presented in this study, which is also the first representat
353) The findings of our study, which is the largest study in MM pa
354) In this study, which tests the hypothesis that TEN
355) The current study, which was a reanalysis of previous
356) In this study, DNA barcodes were generated for 11
357) In this study, DNA barcoding using the mitochondri
358) In this study, DNA damage (tail DNA%, tail length,
359) This study, therefore, concludes that Ismailia
360) This study, therefore, demonstrates that inhala
361) The purpose of this study, therefore, was to determine the eff
362) In this study, three different akermanite:poly-ϵ-
363) In this study, three different geometries of the t
364) To conduct the study, three pediatric wards were selected
365) erlie the associations, identified in the study, to derive potential preventive stra
366) In this study, to evaluate the inhibitory effect o
367) In the present study, to fill up this gap, electrical mic
368) For this comparative prospective study, 24 female patients, aged ≥54 year
369) In this study, 24 male albino rats (190-200 g) wer
370) In this study, an aligned nanofibrous graft was fo
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(2)85 the (7)4 which (12)2 24 (17)2 in
(3)22 a (8)3 DNA (13)2 an (18)2 serum
(4)11 and (9)3 therefore, (14)2 effects (19)2 six
(5)8 it (10)3 three (15)2 further

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