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305) state Cancer in a Black Population (PCBP) Study, a large case-control investigation
306) 5 years, enrolled in the Hunter Community Study, a longitudinal study of aging.
307) In our previous study, a 20-fold increase in initial coppe
308) In this study, a 46-item web-based questionnaire w
309) In this study, a comparative study of the mtDNA co
310) In this study, a comparison of serum, blood swab,
311) In this study, a computer-assisted medication summ
312) In this study, a five-fold cross-validation proced
313) In the present study, a generalization of the aligned ran
314) In this study, a multi-compartment capillary membr
315) In this study, a new co-processed excipient compos
316) In this study, a new solution is being developed t
317) In this study, a novel method of precipitating cas
318) In this study, a novel scaffold fabrication method
319) In this study, a polysaccharide derivative was pre
320) In the present study, a porcine system was supplemented w
321) In the study, a pre- and post-test design was use
322) In the current study, a proprioceptive judgement task, in
323) The study is part of the ongoing FFD study, a randomised, controlled, intervent
324) In the current study, a reversibly expandable and contrac
325) In our study, a significant increase in MDA level
326) In this study, a simple three-dimensional (3D) sus
327) Twenty-seven patients participated in the study, and 55 lesions were recorded.
328) C0-48) in a single intravenous drip (IVD) study, and AUC0-48 and maximum blood conce
329) the Wound Etiology and Healing (WE-HEAL) study, and at the time of the original gra
330) ot explicitly sought at the outset of the study, and instead emerged from their conc
331) uch information, describes an early pilot study, and makes recommendations for bette
332) the emerging status of ethnopharmacology study, and outlines the global scenario of
333) management practices were similar in this study, and results of the serological assa
334) trospective chart review, cross-sectional study, and sequential analysis of the time
335) pressive symptoms was established in this study, and the physical, environmental, an
336) ified microemulsions were prepared in our study, and then evaluated for particle siz
337) ed from log(0.8) to log(1.25), in the IVD study, and those for Cmax and AUC0-48 were
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(1)219 we (6)6 two (11)3 to (16)2 human
(2)85 the (7)4 which (12)2 24 (17)2 in
(3)22 a (8)3 DNA (13)2 an (18)2 serum
(4)11 and (9)3 therefore, (14)2 effects (19)2 six
(5)8 it (10)3 three (15)2 further

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