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263) s was determined by phylogenetic analysis based on partial F gene sequences.
264) ique hue selection, an alternative method based on partial hue-matching has also bee
265) Based on previous studies of New World mon
266) ssessment-Forensic Version or SRA-FV) was based on previous research using the SRA f
267) The disease was diagnosed 10 years ago based on radiological and histological exa
268) gnosis of a tumor in the pineal region is based on radiological findings and the pre
269) Phylogenetic analysis based on sequences of ITS-2 rDNA showed th
270) Phylogenetic analyses based on sequences of mt patp6 revealed th
271) develop an alternative practical method, based on shear stress-strain, i.e.
272) Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE), based on shear wave propagation generated
273) s limited data on the matter, and all was based on small population studies that did
274) Although based on small samples, and thus prelimina
275) The research is based on surveys of older people in the Ne
276) Published studies on ELDVs are primarily based on surveys or interviews with clinic
277) Based on this, we discuss how resilience c
278) Based on this, we investigated the TCS-ind
279) Analysis of DNA synthesis was based on (3)H-TdR incorporation.
280) Centre's (EDC) case for inclusive design, based on 10 years of research, promotion a
281) Based on 1167 parents responses, we found
282) nship of the QT-RR linear regression line based on 24-h Holter ECG may become a simp
283) Then, we profiled end-users based on 25 in-depth interviews.
284) se Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) mapping based on 293 codominant SNP markers in an
285) dy has established that transdermal films based on 2:8 admixtures of Eudragit RS100
286) Speed zones were created based on 5 and 10-m sprint times, and an i
287) lial tissue samples, diagnostic PCR assay based on 5'-URT detected 38 FMDV infection
288) Analyses presented were based on 689 mother-infant pairs.
289) Shallow genetic diversity based on ATPase6&8 was observed, howev
290) 0.9%, 72.2% and 59.8% were SGA for weight based on Alexander et al., Oken et al.
291) adaptive design for test-item calibration based on Bayesian optimality criteria is p
292) modelling approach of the pelvic bone was based on CT scan data and image segmentati
293) easurements suggests that CFD simulation, based on CT-derived anatomical data, is a
294) used to evaluate implementation fidelity, based on Carroll's theoretical framework o
295) tailored pre-release intervention program based on Choice Theory® (Glasser, 1999),
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(1)142 the (8)4 data (15)2 clinical (22)2 partial
(2)40 a (9)4 our (16)2 combined (23)2 previous
(3)19 these (10)4 two (17)2 current (24)2 radiological
(4)9 their (11)3 16S (18)2 functional (25)2 sequences
(5)7 this (12)3 an (19)2 histological (26)2 shear
(6)5 its (13)2 all (20)2 interviews (27)2 small
(7)4 both (14)2 changes (21)2 morphology (28)2 surveys

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--- WordNet output for based --- =>に基づき Overview of verb base The verb base has 3 senses (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (75) establish, base, ground, found -- (use as a basis for; found on; "base a claim on some observation") 2. base -- (situate as a center of operations; "we will base this project in the new lab") 3. free-base, base -- (use (purified cocaine) by burning it and inhaling the fumes) Overview of adj based The adj based has 2 senses (first 2 from tagged texts) 1. (3) based -- (having a base; "firmly based ice") 2. (1) based -- (having a base of operations (often used as a combining form); "a locally based business"; "an Atlanta-based company"; "carrier-based planes") --- WordNet end ---