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163) Findings from histological analyses of liv
164) Findings from the present study suggest th
165) Findings from this review may inform educa
166) Findings from this study can be used to de
167) Findings from this study have significant
168) Findings from this study support the use o
169) This hypothesis is supported by findings from a ferret model of lissenceph
170) This article offers findings from a study that used four semis
171) This paper presents the findings from an evaluation of a creative
172) ts in tsA-201 cells that is comparable to findings from excised patches of Xenopus l
173) This chapter will focus on the important findings from large animal models of Hunti
174) utic approach still requires confirmatory findings from large clinical trials, emerg
175) The findings from other studies carried on dif
176) We also explored convergence between findings from qualitative interviews and q
177) Key findings from the included 15 papers out o
178) pools should therefore be able to draw on findings from the much more extensive lite
179) There were discrepancies between findings from the staff interviews and the
180) The findings from this Gathering offer importa
181) The findings from this current study help to f
182) The findings from this research were then inco
183) The findings from this small-scale in-depth st
184) The findings from this study highlight a need
185) The findings from this study were used to supp
186) Findings are discussed in light of other s
187) Findings are discussed in relation to the
188) Main findings are as follows: (a) level of stat
189) However, these findings are based on group comparisons, a
190) These findings are consistent with dilution-indu
191) The findings are consistent with epidemiologic
192) These paradoxical findings are consistent with the theory th
193) These findings are corroborated by an analysis o
194) These findings are discussed in the light of cur
195) These findings are discussed in the perspective
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(1)88 suggest (15)10 revealed (29)3 for (43)2 during
(2)27 indicate (16)9 may (30)3 highlighted (44)2 give
(3)24 of (17)8 show (31)3 imply (45)2 hold
(4)23 *null* (18)7 showed (32)3 indicated (46)2 implicate
(5)23 from (19)7 underscore (33)3 regarding (47)2 into
(6)17 are (20)6 to (34)3 that (48)2 is
(7)17 support (21)5 suggested (35)3 the (49)2 lend
(8)14 provide (22)4 also (36)3 will (50)2 or
(9)12 have (23)4 included (37)2 add (51)2 point
(10)12 highlight (24)4 on (38)2 at (52)2 provided
(11)12 in (25)4 reveal (39)2 by (53)2 related
(12)12 were (26)4 we (40)2 call (54)2 should
(13)11 and (27)3 could (41)2 confirm (55)2 suggesting
(14)10 demonstrate (28)3 demonstrated (42)2 contribute (56)2 suggestive

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--- WordNet output for findings --- =>研究(調査)結果 Overview of noun findings The noun findings has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts) 1. findings -- (a collection of tools and other articles used by an artisan to make jewelry or clothing or shoes) Overview of noun finding The noun finding has 3 senses (first 3 from tagged texts) 1. (16) determination, finding -- (the act of determining the properties of something, usually by research or calculation; "the determination of molecular structures") 2. (3) finding -- (the decision of a court on issues of fact or law) 3. (1) finding -- (something that is found; "the findings in the gastrointestinal tract indicate that he died several hours after dinner"; "an area rich in archaeological findings") --- WordNet end ---